Slingshot logos get more recognition

For a designer, it’s always nice when their work gets a mention or pops up somewhere unexpectedly. That’s exactly what happened recently when a friend pointed out an article that Creative Review published about a new website called Logobook which is currently in the process of collating an archive of logos going back to the 50’s.

We’re very pleased that a couple of our logos are amongst the first to appear on the website where you can ‘Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols & trademarks.’ We’re especially pleased to see the Fenchurch logo next in line after Nike!

Logobook has been created by a group of Swiss designers who have categorised the logos making them very easy to browse and search. All of the logos are black and white, in order, says Auf Der Maur, to allow users of the site to more easily compare the concepts. “The most successful logos/symbols/trademarks of all time are just as comfortable in black and white as they are in colour,” he says.

“At the moment is mostly a reference tool for designers and businesses to not only find inspiration but also to build awareness of what has been done before, and by whom,” says Seymour Auf Der Maur, the site’s editor. “In future, we would like to grow the database of original designs, and ultimately to build a strong community of contributing businesses and designers that will help push identity design into new areas, encouraging more innovation and less repetition.”

To see our work and many more inspirational logos visit: