Fenchurch Logo Design

Before the Fenchurch Clothing brand was launched in 2000, we were asked by one of it’s founders, to design their logo.

Fenchurch was created by New Deal Skates, one of the UK’s largest skateboarding mail order companies and was initially aimed at skateboarders and BMXers. The brand name is derived from Fenchurch Street railway station in London which was near a popular skate spot at the time.

The main ideas behind the logo design were: two mirror images of the letter F; its arches are very architectural and similar to shapes found in churches; it’s a graphic representation of the train tracks of Fenchurch Street Station.

The Fenchurch logo has been used for countless applications, from buttons on clothing to the centre of some rock candy. It has been the basis for thousands of designs by many different designers. As the original designers of the logo, we have really enjoyed seeing the huge variety of ways that the logo has been used.

Following the logo design, we went on to produce Fenchurch’s advertising, brochures, websites and t-shirt designs and worked with them until its recent decline in 2014.