CPL Logo

We began working with CPL in 2000 and still have a great relationship with them today, producing all of their graphic design, websites and mobile apps.

Not long after we started working with CPL and got to know their industry, we recommended that their brand identity was modernised and as a result produced them a new logo.

CPL offer audio visual equipment for hire and provide technical services for live shows, events and presentations. A lot of their work involves projectors and cameras so the idea behind their logo symbol was that it looked like the end of a camera or projector lense and incorporated the letter C in the glass reflection. To achieve this, we made the first version of the new logo using 3D software before simplifying it in to symbol that could be used in one colour and at a small scale.

We have recently evolved the logo a little more, losing the company’s full name in place of initials – which is how all of CPL’s customers know and refer to them, and making subtle tweaks to the logo symbol and typeface.

Following on from the logo, we have transformed CPL’s brand identity helping them become one of the stand out brands in the industry and winning the 2010 AV Magazine award for Rental and Staging Company of the Year.