Comet eBay Store

eBay store design and warehouse integration for Comet.

Working closely with Comet’s IT and web teams, we designed their eBay store so that it looked almost the same as their main website.

Our eBay store replicated a complex menu structure and advanced features found on the Comet website, which made it cutting edge for an eBay store.

At the time Slingshot was one of only two web agencies in the UK that understood and was asked by eBay to use a new eBay platform called eBay Merchant Integration Platform (eMip). Using eMip, we worked closely with Comet’s IT team to integrate their stock and order system with eBay to keep prices and stock figures synchronised at all times and to automate the selling process.

Unfortunately Comet went into administration and as a result this project is no longer available to view online.