The Land of Slingshot Animated Website

Animated website for Slingshot. This website dates from about 2004 and had such a great response from people all over the world that we’ve kept it online, plus we’re still fond of it.

At the time, this version of our website was talked about in magazines and websites around the globe. It was created back in the days before Apple iPhones and iPads, when we used to really enjoy producing great animated websites using Adobe Flash.

The site was a labour of love. The people you see walking about and getting up to no good were not stock films or pilfered from the internet, they were really us – we filmed ourselves and then traced over every frame of the footage to create the animations. The activities throughout the site – like darts and golf – were regular occurrences in our real lives, although I have to say that blowing up sheep and fighting were not.

Sadly these days, because Apple products are so prevalent and don’t support Adobe Flash (thanks a bunch Steve Jobs) we don’t get to do as many online animations :-(

Anyway if you like animation and you’re not on an iPad or iPhone, click around the various sections at: